Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition

Le Studio TD (Maison du Festival)
305 Ste. Catherine St. West
The FIJM presents
  • August 4, 2022, 10 a.m.
    until September 25

WED & THU 11AM – 6PM
FRI 11AM - 7PM
SAT 12AM – 6PM
SUN 12AM – 5PM

An immersive exploration into an artist’s creative world: through adolescent rebellion, punk and rock hedonism, to a lifelong search for spirituality, Cave’s inspirations and process are showcased through over 300 objects, artifacts, and multimedia works.

Stranger Than Kindness explores the inner world of an artist in constant evolution, from teenage rebellion and the underground art scene of 80's West Berlin, through a hedonistic and spiritualistic quest for artistic and religious fulfillment. The exhibition delves into the inspirations behind an artist's creative process and output — the sights, sounds and material objects that, woven together, constitute an ever-evolving record of personal reflection and development. Through a life of creation and transformation, the exhibition reveals the multitude of fragments that make up who we are.