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The 15 must-see outdoor concerts according to our programmers

It’s not easy to choose between 350 free outdoor concerts! Here are the must-see concerts according to…

Gabriell Rémillard

Valaire: Sure, we know them well. But they’re at the top of my list because they always find a way to renew themselves and raise the live experience bar ever higher. A fierce devotion to staging, costumes, gigantic marionettes and above all, a good ol’ filthy party.

Bixiga 70: On the same label as Rodrigo Amarante and representing the best the new Brazilian scene has to offer. A memorable show blending psychedelic Afrobeat, samba and funk. Irresistible!

A-Wa: It’s an honour to welcome these three magnificent Israeli women and their blend of traditional Yemenite rhythms on a bedrock of hip hop and electronica, all with a rare finesse and aplomb. They embody everything that’s most interesting about the current world scene. An absolute Festival must this year.

Throes & The Shine: Onstage, this Portugal/Angola band delivers an uncommon blast of energy. Between kuduro (Angola electronica) and rock, they leave you no respite. You have been warned!

Chouk Bwa Libète: In the tradition of groups like Boukman Eksperyans, Chouk Bwa Libète play “Mizik rasin,” the closest possible groove to traditional voodoo dance. A true Haitian experience, with no artifice.

Frédéric Lamoureux

Theo Lawrence & The Hearts : With his rugged voice, slicked back hair and air of Alex Turner, Theo descends from the lineage of the great ’50s bluesmen. The power of the past folds into a timeless, striking present!

Dawn Tyler Watson : The undisputed queen of the blues delivers an energized concert digging deep into ’60s R&B, with punchy horns and compelling grooves.

Two Timer : “Grunge-blues on steroids”—that’s how Poland’s Two Timer describe their music. It’s raw, dirty, greasy and, above all, packed with tons of feel!

Lil’ Ed & The Imperials : Guitarist Lil' Ed howls out and blows away the stage with non-stop joyous energy. And he’s been doing it for 40 years! Whether celebratory, nasty or dirty, he always brings it 100 mph, blasting the most electrifying Chicago blues alive.

Joel DaSilva : Raised on blues, swing, rockabilly, R&B and surf music, this singer-guitarist has integrated a synthesis of the genres: the result is a swingin’ blues-rock, with maximum attitude, elegance and soul.

Maurin Auxéméry

Anderson .Paak : The new prince of R&B and a protege of Dr. Dre, this Los Angeles singer-rapper figures among the most exciting rising stars of the moment. Expect an evening of intoxicating musical joy to perfectly close this Festival.

Interzone : Renowned for their fun and colourful performances, Austrian trio Interzone unfurl daring, boundless music where virtuosity takes command.

ÌFÉ : Mainlining utter improvisational freedom, ÌFÉ celebrate the cult of African divinities in song, drums and an electronic/Yoruba fusion. It’s an unprecedented sound that casts the hypnotic spell of a lucid musical dream.

Dinosaur : Hailed by the critics since launching their very first album, this British group offers jazz that is both refined and accessible, with touches of rock, funk, Celtic folk and Spanish harmonies. A must see!

Sammy Miller & The Congregation : A graduate of the Julliard School, American drummer Sammy Miller has always sought to deliver feel good music. Unbridled talent and contagious joy!